Karin McKie by Pete Stenberg

I'm Karin McKie, MFA, educator and curriculum creator for 2,000+ students, kids and adults, in creative writing, critical reading, literature, test prep for ACT/SAT/AP/GRE, PR & marketing, theater, team building, also ESL and special needs learners.

"Karin joined Insight Education only a few weeks before our SAT/ACT Test Prep Intensive Boot Camps were about to start. But she just came in and took a test, excelled at it, got the curriculum and conquered the class! We really didn't have to worry about anything with her in the classroom. She would always be prepared with the daily class agenda and assignments and knew exactly what she wanted from her students on each class day, for a class as well as for one-on-one tutoring. I don't think I ever remember her fumbling on a grammar concept or not being able to correctly explain anything related to SAT/ACT English to the students, and there were excellent score improvements across students on our weekly diagnostic tests. The feedback we got from students and parents was phenomenal - they loved her pedagogy!" - Purvi Ruparel